Issue with upload list

Oct 26, 2011 at 9:38 PM


First great component, i have been using uploadify for the app, but this one will be great replacement.

I have one issue with the file list (list of files displayed in upload control after user uploads)

I have page that looks like wizzard (back button, next button). Both buttons are using bellow function (Jquery) to display or to hide panels



There is no postback on the page. Upload control is in one of the Panels, and when user uploads files, clicks next panel is hidden (inside that panel is upload control), and then when he clicks Back button to show the upload control,

there are no files in the upload control,everything is cleared, like someone hit F5 on the page.

Can you help me with this, everything is configured like in example. but i don't know why the control is clearing the list of uploaded files on above function. Is there something i need to change in uploadercontrol.js?